Without wanting to overstretch the word “GLOBALISATION”, it can be said with a clear conscience that the majority of companies operate nationwide. Even if not everyone is a “global player”, most of these companies have a clientele that extends far beyond their own location. As a result, all those employees who are in direct contact with customers have to deal not only with their own but also with foreign cultures.

Language difficulties and barriers are often only part of the problems that arise when dealing with customers from other countries.

Such problems cost companies enormous sums of money every year – targeted training of employees in the intercultural field is the only reasonable solution here.

When dealing with other cultures you need sensitivity and above all: KNOWLEDGE! This knowledge and the understanding of why people from other cultures act differently than yourself in a situation, you will get in this course.


Modulares Softskill-Training / Cross Culture
  • Sensitization of the trainee for his own culture
  • Sensitization of the trainee for foreign cultures
  • Improvement of intercultural competence
  • Better understanding of the different forms of communication
  • Improvement of dealing with partners from foreign cultures
  • Recognition of pitfalls in dealing with foreign cultures


  • Definition: Culture
  • Own culture: own/external perception; stereotypes/prejudices
  • Comparison with other cultures (customer and country specific)
  • Development of intercultural competence
  • Working in an international team
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