New employees usually receive targeted training to enable them to perform their future job. Each training course is temporarily limited, i.e. the implementation of the training contents is then up to the employees themselves. Due to the large number of new tasks, however, they are often overstrained, so that some of the skills learned during training cannot be put into practice, or not sufficiently. This is exactly where COACHING comes in, more precisely, a goal and solution-oriented support.

My COACHING is a goal and solution-oriented support!

Lösungs- und Zielorientierte Lernbegleitung

COACHING is offered for the following areas:

  • COACHING during the learning phase
  • COACHING for project manager / site manager
  • COACHING for managers in the field service (International)

I combine mediation competence with coaching competence. By using mediative communication, the prerequisites are created for goal and solution-oriented support.

For further information feel free to get in touch with me: CONTACT

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