Working in a globalized World - TRAVEL MANAGEMENT

On business trips, especially to foreign countries, there are always pitfalls and dangers. Experienced field staff know exactly what to look out for on a business trip! The situation is completely different with a new, inexperienced colleague. He relies on everything being organized and will do well accordingly!

Unfortunately, the new colleague only realises that this is often not the case when it is already too late.

With the right knowledge and a few elementary safety advices, you will arrive safely at your destination on your next trip and return home safely!

A quotation from Mathias Claudius (1740 – 1815) reads: “ONE WHO TAKES A TRIP GAINS A STORY TO TELL “. Every field representative can only confirm this. However, not all stories are always beautiful. In order to be able to tell mainly positive and interesting things about your business trips, you should attend this course beforehand. It will help you to organize your trip perfectly so that your stay on site is safe.


Modulares Softskill-Training / Working in a Globalized World
  • Providing basic knowledge for the organisation of business trips
  • Sensitization to security issues
  • Correct handling in critical situations
  • Avoiding unnecessary risks 


  • Travel Preparation
  • Travel information
  • Safety on site
  • Situation Awareness
  • What to do if …..
  • Cross Culture Basics
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