Communication models and applied rhetoric - COMMUNICATION

  1. A service technician/trainer must above all have a great deal of specialist knowledge!

  2. A service technician/trainer must be flexible and resilient!

  3. The rest – not important!!

    This order and especially the last point was the basis on which many companies selected their service technicians/technical trainers or trained them (based on purely technical requirements).

    In a globalised society, where the topics of customer loyalty and sustainability are becoming increasingly important, this way of thinking is no longer sufficient by far. A service technician/technical trainer must have far more skills – this includes above all the ability to communicate correctly in every situation!

COMMUNICATION is first of all an exchange of information. During the training, the basics of human communication are taught using communication models. The knowledge of how communication works is underpinned by learning question techniques. Applied rhetoric and dialectics are explained and practiced, a feedback culture is learned!  


Modulares Softskill-Training / Comic Communication
  • Sensitization of the trainee in his communication
  • Learning the different forms of communication
  • Targeted use of various communication tools
  • Learning and practising feedback culture (give & take)
  • Improved interaction within the team and with superiors through the application of a goal-oriented feedback culture
  • Prevention of conflicts through improved communication
  • Confident appearance in front of the customer


  • Basics of human communication – pyramid of needs
  • Forms of communication
  • Sender/receiver model (Stuart Hall)
  • Four parts of a message (Schulz v. Thun)
  • 5 Rules of Human Communication (Watzlawick)
  • Questioning techniques (targeted use of questioning methods)
  • Active listening
  • Quick-wittedness
  • Possibilities of active conversation and applied rhetoric and dialectics (e.g.: structure of a speech/a conversation)
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