Lead better - LEADERSHIP

Even if many don’t want to admit it – the moment an employee takes over the management of a project, he/she is automatically a manager. The tasks of a manager include much more than “just” being higher up in the hierarchy!

This already begins with the so-called authority to issue directives and flows into the topic of responsibility.

The moment someone takes on leadership responsibility, their world is no longer the same – a fact that especially managers who have come out of the team often do not want to admit!

Not everyone is a natural born leader – but everyone can learn what makes a good leader. This course teaches the basics of good leadership in a vivid way and gives the participant a guideline on how he/she can implement his/her leadership tasks in the future.


Modulares Softskill-Training / Richtig Führen - Leadership
  • Being aware of your own position and posture
  • Getting to know(learning) your own job description
  • Finding your own management style
  • Getting to know the different types of employees
  • Recognition and prevention of management errors
  • Getting to know and using management tools
  • Improvement of the own organisational ability


  • My own position / role
  • Definition: What is leadership (leading versus managing)
  • Definition: Authority to issue instructions
  • Different management styles/types
  • Different types of employees
  • Mismanagement of staff 
  • Some Leadership tools:
    – the art of delegating
    – Self Management
    – Shop floor management (optional)
    – Organize meetings properly
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