HR Development for managers - SITE MANAGER & PROJECT MANAGER

Site managers are essential for the successful completion of a project. The best technology is of very little use if the team at the customer’s site does not work. Knowledge of technical processes is only of importance here. Equally important are leadership skills, management knowledge, customer orientation and, in global operations, of course, a sound intercultural understanding. A site manager needs a little bit of everything!


When determining the role of a site manager, there are striking differences in the views of the companies, the site managers themselves and, of course, the customers. An important part of the training is to find a common denominator, because if you don’t know your role, you can’t perform it!
The differences of a site manager for large projects compared to small construction sites or individual machines are worked out together!


  • Role definition of a site manager
  • Communication (types of communication, communication models, communication techniques, question techniques)
  • Conflict management (escalation models, de-escalation, dealing with difficult situations)
  • Feedback culture / Active listening
  • LEADERSHIP – The Site Manager as a leader
  • Customer orientation (relationship: CUSTOMER / COMPANY / EMPLOYEES; customer-oriented language)
  • Etiquette in the business environment (dress, appearance, greetings, forms of address, small talk, e-mail, telephone, social media)
  • Self Management
  • Project Management (Basics)
  • Working in a Globalised World (travel preparation & management, security aspects in a globalised world)
  • Cross-Culture Modules (customized)
  • Shopfloor management (part of LEAN management) – optional

Target Group:

  • Site Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Commissioning Engineers with management tasks


Through the offered course/workshop your employee is optimally prepared and sensitized for his/her job. His/Her communication skills, the handling of difficult situations and above all his/her understanding of foreign cultures will be sustainably improved. Special attention is paid to his/her leadership qualities. The interaction with colleagues and customers as well as the coordination with his/her contact persons in the company will be sustainably improved.

The course is not only about imparting knowledge. A video or instruction manual could also cover this. Only the interaction with the participant makes this workshop so valuable

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