Very well and competently implemented! One can tell, you come from the real world!

You could not have chosen a better trainer!

Robert is absolutely wonderful! Very professional. Gives a great deal of insight into not only the currriculum but life!

Robert Kysela

There are moments in life that become the turning point in our career. They are often preceded by a special need or simply a desire to follow a certain path. For me it was above all the desire to see the whole world that determined my further development. This desire was much stronger than the raised index finger of my teachers. For this reason, I started an apprenticeship as an electrical engineer at a renowned Austrian company, and then worked as a field service technician all over this planet.

In the course of this job I came to Germany in the late 1980s, where I was responsible for the commissioning of the machines of the market leader for bottling plants. Due to the increasing complexity of technology, many mechanical engineering companies started to build up training departments. Due to my knowledge, but mainly because of my customer-oriented appearance, I got the opportunity to work as a technical trainer to give our customers an understanding of the technology of their machines.

Robert Kysela
Robert Kysela
Through the intensive work with service technicians, maintenance technicians but also with other trainers, I realized that a purely technical training could only be a part of a modern and above all sustainable training concept. This realization was the moment when I made the decision to pass on my many years of experience as a sales representative, trainer and manager to my customers.
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