Good project management is the basis of every successfully completed project. For this purpose, every company has specially trained project managers or project leaders.

But there is more to a project management system than just a good project manager. Especially for the cooperation between the project manager and the service technicians / site managers it is extremely important that they also understand the basic concepts of project management.

This module is not intended to train an employee as a project manager. The aim is to familiarize service technicians and especially site managers with the topic of project management. 


Modulares Softskill-Training / Project Management
  • Better understanding of project management
  • Improved collaboration in the project team
  • Clear and structured work within a project
  • Reduction of errors that cause a project to fail


  • Differences between process and project (definition)
  • The Magic Triangle
  • Project initialisation (objectives, SMART formula, feasibility study, etc.)
  • Project planning (basic project plan, work breakdown structure, GANTT diagram, etc.)
  • Stakeholder analysis, risk analysis
  • Cost planning, resource planning
  • Milestones
  • Project implementation (controlling, change/claim management, etc.)
  • Project completion (open items list, post calculation, etc.)
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