Dealing with difficult situations - CONFLICT MANAGEMENT

A service technician/site manager/technical trainer is constantly standing between the fronts. Deadline pressure, impatient customers, but also the colleagues of the own company always provide a very good basis for emerging conflicts.

Fighting these conflicts not only costs the parties involved a lot of time, energy and above all nerves, but also a lot of money for your company!

Mastering DIFFICULT SITUATIONS is the main goal of this training module. For this purpose it is important to know first of all how conflicts arise and then to know how to counteract them. Practical exercises give the participant the confidence to recognize future conflicts in time and to react to them correctly.


  • Sensitization and recognition of the conflict dynamics
  • Learning about the different forms of conflict
  • Learning the different mechanisms of thinking and perception
  • Learning how to deal with killer arguments and killer phrases
  • Application of de-escalation methods
  • Learning solution-oriented communication


  • Escalation stages (conflict dynamics)
  • Types of conflict (and their prevention)
  • Conflict Traps
  • Killer phrases & killer arguments
  • Deescalation models
  • Dealing with resistors
  • Dealing with difficult situations
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