CUSTOMER ORIENTATION – these two words are primarily associated with sales people. However, it is forgotten that the employees with the longest and most frequent customer contact are service technicians, site managers and technical trainers!

Field Service Technicians / Site Managers and Technical Trainers are THE business cards of your company!

For this reason alone it is essential that all field staff have a defined understanding in dealing with customers.

Some people like to forget that in the end it is always the customer who pays their salary! Accordingly, the right attitude of each employee towards the customers of his company is very important. The understanding of this and the corresponding implementation is part of this training module.


Modulares Softskill-Training / Customer Focus
  • Better understanding of the triangular relationship: customer – company – employee
  • Learning a customer-oriented manner
  • Targeted use of customer-oriented language
  • Prevention of conflicts through improved communication
  • A confident appearance with the customer
  • Proper use of e-mail, telephone and social media


  • Definition: Customer
  • Relationship: customer – company – employee
  • Customer-oriented language
  • Business etiquette
    – Clothing
    – Welcome
    – Speech
    – Small talk
    – E-mail
    – Phone
    – Social Media
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