COVID 19 - Information

Dear Sirs,

I very much hope that you, your families and all your employees and colleagues are doing well!

Especially in these difficult times, it is essential that the economy continues to develop and that together we master the situation at hand and orient your company towards the future. In order to achieve this, further training measures for your staff must be carried out or adapted to the current situation.

Therefore I would like to inform you that I will continue to be there for you and your employees. All of my training courses are at your disposal and will be offered in their full extent even in times of COVID-19!

It goes without saying that all legal requirements, your internal company regulations and all hygiene guidelines will be observed during a face-to-face training.

If your company categorically excludes face-to-face training, it can also be conducted as an online course.

For information on the implementation of an online course, I am at your disposal. (CONTACT)

Stay healthy, your

Robert Kysela, executive trainer & coach

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